About Us

Advancing the dignity and independence of older adults in our community

Areawide assesses the needs of seniors, and coordinates programs to allow older adults to live safely in their own home for as long as possible.

We link seniors to resources through our information and assistance line and we also print a resource directory specifically for seniors in the counties we serve.

Our target population is older adults sixty years of age and older, plus their caregivers. To provide these services, Areawide depends upon funding through private and foundation grants, with the majority of the funds coming from state and federal monies

Our Mission

Areawide Aging Agency is dedicated to advancing the dignity and independence of older adults in our community.


A Message from the Chair

With the mission of being dedicated to maintaining and advancing the dignity and independence of older adults in our community, my expectations were very high in what the agency did for the community, as well as for me personally. When I joined the Board of Areawide Aging Agency, the work of the agency far exceeded any of my expectations.

Like every other business and nonprofit in our community, 2020 presented challenges like none of us have seen before. Whether we are discussing COVID, record cold temperatures, or a disastrous ice storm, the staff, contractors, and volunteers at Areawide Aging Agency demonstrated their commitment to serving seniors, particularly those who are frail and alone, by overcoming the ever changing obstacles to provide these vital services. With your support, Areawide continues to adjust daily to ensure that the senior adults in our communities have food, contact with others, and most recently, helping find ways to assist with obtaining vaccines.

There are many services that our donors’ funds cover in addition to the government grants and other special funding, some of the details of which you will see in this report. With our donors’ funds we can look to more expanded services and most importantly continue to add to the number of senior adults we can assist.

We remain steadfast in our mission, and the staff and Board are actively engaged in strategic planning. As we closely watch the demographic shift upward in the aging population we know that we will continue to do so over the many coming years, and we are committed to enhancing our current support to the older adults in our community and to identify new opportunities for their independence. We greatly appreciate your support.

LaDonna Wilson
2020-2021 Board Chair

Our clients are talking!

"I’m 91 and the program lets me be in my own home."

– Norma R.

"Helps me manage my newly diagnosed diabetes."

– Arthur S.

“I love the volunteers. They are my only friends."

– Alma G.

“I am very thankful for each and every person I’ve met and of course the meals are great. God is good."

 – Alice B.